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Title: The significance of Reading skills in developing writing skills of Araabaic speaking students
Keywords: Reading skills-Arabic speaking, Writing skills-Arabic students
Researcher: Sidhanta, Jaya
Guide(s): Patil, Z.N.
Registration Date: 05/07/2011
Abstract: From my school days Iand#8223;ve noticed an utter reluctance on the part of the students to read English text books. They are more interested in reading notes, rather than text books outside their classroom. The teacher constantly advises the students to read stories, poems and also grammar books. She insists on reading the text first and then attending her lecture. This makes teaching and understanding easier for teacher and the students respectively. But her advice always falls on deaf ear. Now a day the same tradition continues. Students still run away from reading text and concentrate more on ready-made notes that are available in the market. It creates a synthetic knowledge in them. Moreover they donand#8223;t learn on their own. They donand#8223;t use their creative ability to prepare question answers themselves. They deprive themselves of the vast knowledge that they can gain while reading the text books. This dependence on ready made materials continues even when they take admission in college. The habit to read text books grows weaker day-by-day and students concentrate more on private tuition where they get newline newlinereadymade questions and answers. The same is true of university education. The most catastrophic result is that they are not able to transfer their knowledge into professional world where you need to read and comprehend and write a lot of materials. For example one needs to understand an email and also answer it. One wrong word can affect the personand#8223;s as well as the companyand#8223;s reputation. There are numerous such instances where one needs a variety of reading and writing skills. My objective is to prove that reading has an effect on the writing ability of a person. Therefore, I want to demonstrate the significance of reading skills in developing writing skills of Arabic speaking students. newline newline
Language: English
Appears in Department:Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

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