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Keywords: Gandhi, interpersonal communication,letters
Researcher: Mohanty Rajendra
Guide(s): Dr. Shahid Ali
Registration Date: 3-8-2012
Abstract: From the study it could well be concluded that Gandhi used the personal letters as an effective medium of interpersonal communication to spread his ideas on numerous aspects like his ideas on Health, Healthy diet, Freedom of expression, Marriage, Fast, Khadi, Nationality, Equality, Justice, Non-violence, Satyagraha, Religion, Secularism, Non-cooperation, Swaraj etc.. newlineThrough the large number of letters that he wrote to co-workers, political activists, government officials, newspapers and his family members, we could see the glimpses of Gandhi s communication skills. These letters played an important role in his interpersonal communication. newlineAll these letters bear a unique style of writing. Even though it is not uncommon that people write differently to different set of people, what made the letters of Gandhi were its sheer numbers and the personalised touch he used to attribute in each of his letters. Besides, Gandhi, as if following the guidebook, used to write simple and small sentences. newlineHe also uses meticulously selected words to all his recipients so that his objective could be communicated. His selection of signing in and signing out addresses to the recipient and his signing off signatures also bears a distinct character. Gandhi however did not use literary tools like Metaphors, Similes, Irony, Quotes, Climax, Anti-climax, and References etc., much in his letters. Perhaps, this could be because his most of the letters contains the summery of his day-to-day activities or instructions to others to carry out certain act or related to some practical issue pertaining to that period. Hence, he might have found much scope in incorporating any literary tools in the letters. Besides, given the nature of work Gandhi was engaged in- most of his letters were written relating to that work-there was also not much scope for writing letters with flowery language or full with literary tools. Nevertheless, Gandhi s letters contains proper etiquette and courtesy. Even though Gandhi used to write straight forward statements, none of his letters could be termed as impolite or uncourteous. newline newline
Language: English
Appears in Department:Department of Mass Communication

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