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Keywords: Software Components, Component-Based Software System (CBSS), Soft Computing Techniques: Fuzzy logic, Neural Network, Neuro Fuzzy, Hybrid Approach
Registration Date: 26/09/2014
Abstract: Component Based Software Engineering ,CBSE, is a division of software engineering that emphasizes the separation of doubts in respect of the wide ranging functionality obtainable throughout a particular software system. The main advantage of software reuse in Components Based Software Engineering CBSE is to allow the systematic development in relations of quality, effort, time to market, common software platform architecture, and standards compliance. A key goal of these developments is to empower a proper organization of CBSE driven software evolution, i.e. helping software engineers in becoming more cost effective in developing and incorporating high quality, reusable components and other assets. Problems whose solutions are uncertain or unpredictable can be solved with the help of soft computing techniques. A number of soft computing approaches for estimating Component Based Software System, CBSS, factor have been proposed. Soft computing techniques learnt from the past captures the existing patterns in data. The two basic elements of soft computing are neural networks and fuzzy logic. The objectives of this study is to identify the factors related to components using factor optimization techniques. A novel neuro fuzzy model based on identified factors will help to reduce the complexity of developing a system in terms of time and cost is proposed. In this research proposed model validation shall be done with real data set and comparison will be done with existing approaches made by various researchers. In this work experimental results will try to show that proposed model will improve the quality of components in terms of reliability, reusability, maintainability etc. The proposed model will help in refining the quality of software. The model will also results in high quality and cost effective components based system with lesser effort as compared to existing approaches. newline
Language: English
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